We create immersive content and experiences for the following applications:

  • +Event Engagement
  • +Brand Engagement
  • +Product Demo
  • +Immersive Story Telling
  • +Entertainment
  • +Gaming
  • +Training
  • +Education

We have experience in delivering virtual reality content for mobile phones, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go, and HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro.


From augmenting content through a browser, all the way to augmented content live on a stage, AR is a good immersive tool to engage with users for:

  • +Product Demo
  • +Event Engagement
  • +Brand Engagement
  • +Immersive Story Telling
  • +Gaming
  • +Training
  • +Education

AR can be delivered across devices such as Microsoft Hololens, Smart Glasses, Mobiles and Tablets, Large LED displays and even projections.


The idea is to let users engage with the content through various modes. We create content that can be accessed using any of the following options:

  • +Touch
  • +Gesture
  • +Motion
  • +Voice

These experiences can be in the form of touch tables, interactive walls, object recognition tables, large displays controlled using ipads or any other means that narrates your brand story effectively.


With our capabilities in content creation, we use projection as an interesting medium to deliver content. Projection can be used in:

  • +Mixed Reality
  • +Holography
  • +3D Projection Mapping
  • +Interactive Walls/Floors
  • +Immersive Rooms


An experience that involves an interaction between a physical and digital space is a Phygital Experience. These experiences involve:

  • +Micro Controllers
  • +Digital and analog electronics
  • +Sensors and actuators
  • +NGC/ RFID/ Infrared
  • +IOT enabled experiences
  • +Brain Wave (EEG)

These give users a more physical sense of involvement with your brand and stories.


For over 15 years we have been delivering films for TV, Events, Web and Social, across these styles:

  • +Live Action
  • +VFX
  • +2D Animation
  • +3D Animation
  • +Motion Design

We have a team of artists and visualizers who can render content to different media, devices, including gaming, holographic content and projection mapping.


With our team of developers and partners, we have the capability to design, build and support digital assets for the web and mobile.

  • +Websites & Microsites
  • +Bespoke CMS Development
  • +Web Applications
  • +Mobile Applications- Native and Hybrid
  • +Progressive & Responsive Web Apps
  • +Web Portals
  • +E-Commerce
  • +UI/UX Design