Digibox is a platform for marketers and agencies to create interactive and immersive content, engage with the users using pre-configured features and measure their campaigns using our analytics dashboard.

You can create 9 types of experiences across Augmented Reality (using markers, spatial and location), Virtual (Tours, Store), Interactive Story telling (Solution Demos, product Demos, Configurator) and even fun experiences (facial tracking).


Brands need to reach out to their target customers, and even existing customers, at various touch points. These could be the customer’s personal device, a location he regularly visits, the brand’s store, or even within it’s own premises if it is reaching out to it’s internal customers- the employees.

We worked with Wavemaker to create an AR experience for TATA Tea, where it’s distributors could see the brand story in an immersive environment.

Lip Hues, India’s first AR enabled custom lip stick studio, is using an AR enabled Smart Mirror that we developed to help customers choose the shade that they create.

Wipro Technologies had to connect with their employees on why they changed their branding. So we created an experience zone within their premises to narrate the vision Wipro had for its employees, clients and the brand itself.


Providing experiences to clients and potential customers is an essential activity these days for relationship building, marketing and creating deeper connections. Every brand today has an experience centre or is working towards building one. These spaces provide a complete view of the vision, intensions, propositions and solutions to what the brand has to offer.

With 12 years of experience in transforming ideas, we have progressed to transforming spaces. Using our multi domain capabilities in creating content, design, and integrating hardware, we have delivered design, content and experiences to Centres at Wipro, Tata Elxsi and Business Sweden.


Our lives are getting complicated and so are the technologies that provide a solution but for a customer to understand your proposition, the narrative or story telling can be made simple, interactive, simulated and likable.

These could be in the form of explainer videos, demo videos, solution videos, interactive applications, immersive experiences, etc.

For Wipro, we simulated a cycling experience in their experience centre in California, to explain a data mining solution.

We have also simulated a lot of Wipro’s projects in the domains of Oil & Gas and Green Energy using interactive applications. A b2b marketplace using the web. Tons of solutions using video.

United Technologies or Carrier wanted a front end application for their customers to view maintenance data from the chillers they have bought.


There is a lot of noise at events. Everyone is fighting for mind space of the visitors. Some brands also preplan their presence and activities. In either case, there are 3 main objectives for any brand at any event:

  • +To attract: If you are looking at luring visitors to your space/ stall/ booth/ stand.
  • +To Engage: If you are looking for these visitors to send some time and get to know your brand better.
  • +To Connect: Make a connection with the visitor and continue the association beyond the event.

We have delivered customised technology experiences at events in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Busan, California, Davos and Barcelona.


Morph has been creating film content for 11 years. This is our first passion and greatest strength. Our experience in creating films has helped us created world class content across experiences as well.

From 2D, 3D, live action, VFX, and motion design, we have delivered tons of film content for TV, Web and Events.


Training can be delivered digitally and virtually. A trend we are going to see in the near future.

Enterprises are looking to reduce the time spent on training and make it more effective at the same time.

All these content can be simulated, gamified, measured, and made as reference content for future use.

Some of the training programs we have MORPH’d are:

  • +Campus to Corporate for a large tech company.
  • +VR Simulated Training for KSA’s largest Electric Company.
  • +Training for new joinees and lateral transfers for a new vertical for one of India’s largest IT Services Company.