We’re Even More Fun In Person

Sometime into the expedition, we stumbled across a narrow, dark tunnel. We crawled in and started to make our way further down, and to our surprise, it opened out into the largest, most lucious rainforest we had ever seen.

  • Anirudh Goutham
  • Arun Kumar
  • Bhargav Narayan
  • Britus R
  • Deepak Kumar
  • Giridhar J
  • Jesvin Johnson
  • Jithin P B
  • Kishore salian
  • Kush Madan
  • Mithilesh B
  • Nadia Belu
  • Nikhil Kumar
  • Payal Aswani
  • Preethi Sriram
  • Ramya M
  • Sabarish S
  • Sanya Arora
  • Suman Kairwan
  • Sundar B
  • Varun Saini
  • Vidhyasagar

Anirudh Goutham

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse

Business Director

Arun Kumar

I like to Sheikh it sheikh it.

Chief of Biz, UAE

Bhargav Narayan

Front End Developer

Britus R

Our very own Jarvis

Technical Head

Deepak Kumar

Where Picasso meets Francis Ford Coppola

Art Director

Giridhar J

Captain Jack Sparrow; somehow finds our way out

Creative Director

Jesvin Johnson

Newbie, will be branded soon

Web Developer

Jithin P B

Talented & Lazy Mr. Ripley

2D Animator

Kishore Salian

Rocky Balboa; Solid and Steady

Motion Graphic Designer

Kush Madan B

Biz Dev Manager

Mithilesh B

Johnny Bravo, a dude for his dames

2D Animator

Nadia Belu

Our very own fearsome Elizabeth Swann.

Biz Dev. Specialist, UAE

Nikhil Kumar


Payal Aswani

Wednesday Addams, a homicidal maniac at work

Film Co-ordinator

Preethi Sriram

Cruella De Ville when it comes to deadlines

Projects Director

Ramya M

Ms. Pepper Potts for all our needs

Accounts & HR Manager

Sabarish S

Pharell Williams, always has a song and a smile

Motion Graphic Designer

Sanya Arora

What She Does is What You See is What You Get

Front End Developer

Suman Kairwan

Simba, young and capable

Motion Graphic Designer

Sundar B

Getafix, Our An-Druid

Android Developer

Varun Saini

I don't know what I'm doing but I know I'm doing it really well

Motion Graphic Designer


Double Ohh Seven, license to draw

2D Animator

Our Company Timeline



Summer Olympics in Rio. Morph in Dubai!


Curiosity lands on Mars. Morph grows a new last name, “Private Limited,” and launches Gizmocode.


Bill Gates quits Microsoft. Morph sets up shop.